1. How can I watch live TV online for free?
You can watch online through your web browser, simply visit www.tvcatchup.com and select a channel to watch or download one of the apps we have available, to check to see if your device is supported visit the Apps page, once installed select any of the available channels to watch.

2. Do you have an App?
We have a number of different applications from iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Amazon Fire, check the Apps page to see if we have one for your device, if it's not listed then you can rest assured that we're probably already working on one but feel free to let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

3. Can I use TVCatchup on my Chromecast?
Yes you can, TVCatchup supports Chromecast natively across our website (Coming soon to apps!), allowing you to enjoy quality television from the The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, SubTV, Viva and Quest along with a whole host of others on your television, leaving your laptop free for other tasks. Ensure you have the Chromecast plugin installed within your browser and the Chromecast device is plugged into your TV and powered on, then select a channel you wish to watch via the website and using the Chromecast plugin button located in the top right of your browser, select the Chromecast device to cast too and your chosen channel will load shortly afterwards, once finished select ‘Stop Casting” within the Chromecast plugin.

4. Can I use TVCatchup on my Apple TV?

5. Can I watch previously aired television programmes?
Unfortunately not at the moment but we are working on bringing a vast library of Video On Demand content that you'll be able to enjoy across our platform.

6. Do I need a TV Licence to use TVCatchup?
Yes, you do need a TV licence when viewing TVCatchup, as we stream live content in realtime (as it's broadcast) a licence is required.

7. What happened to the desktop PVR?
The PVR was available for a limited time only as a beta test project. This project proved to be a popular success, with that we're working on new and improved version - with enhanced features. We can't say too much, but we promise it'll be spectacular!

8. Where did all the channels go?
Due to legal action brought against us by some broadcasters, we're unable to show a number of Digital TV Channels, we're hopefully that we can come to an arrangement in order to bring you a much more comprehensive TV experience across your devices. In the mean time we're working closely with other broadcasters to bring their content to TVCatchup.

9. Why can't I watch ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 over 3G?
This is a legal restriction we face within the UK, we're hoping that ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will allow us to stream that content in the near future.

10. Why do I have to disable Ad-Blocking?
TVCatchup is an advert supported service, in order to bring you our fantastic service we have to show a few adverts, we do limit the number of adverts shown per user but if you feel you're seeing too many feel free to contact us to let us know and we'll do what we can.

11. I'm having trouble using TVCatchup on my device, can you help?
We try our best to support the widest range of devices possible, but often due to updates to operating systems some devices do become obselete or due to limitations of the hardware, they're unable to support high quality video playback. However, if your device is having issues please contact us via Facebook and we'll do our best to help.

12. No sound on my iOS device
If you're having trouble with no sound on our iOS app ensure that your device isn't set to mute via the toggle switch on the side of your device, if your device isn't set to mute please contact us for further assistance.